Ten beautiful beaches from around the world

Spending vacations in the perfect beach ambiance sounds exciting. Keeping in mind the affordability and accessibility, you can choose any one of following beautiful beaches for your next holiday. Today’s Top Articles:

Top tourist attractions in Cyprus

Cyprus is a nation of beautiful beaches, museums, monasteries, green valleys, and the best place to plan a vacation. Here is an insight to ten top attractions of Cyprus.

Top ten tourist attractions in Miami

Miami in Florida is a famous holiday destination that offers several recreational opportunities along with the beautiful beaches and refreshing nightlife. Here is an insight into the top ten tourist attractions in Miami.

Top ten tourist attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city full of fun and frolic having some of the best casinos and huge resort hotels. Here is an insight into its top rated tourist attractions.

Top ten tourist attractions in Atlanta

Atlanta, the Georgian capital is an economic and cultural centre in America that offers splendid growth in the fields of arts, history, sports etc. Here is an insight into its top tourist attractions.

Top ten attractions in Munich

Munich is Germany’s third largest city having a large open square along with numerous renaissance churches and buildings. Here is an insight into top ten attractions of Munich.   

Ten Top attractions in Venezuela

There is a lot to explore in Venezuela, the Caribbean coastal beaches, magnificent waterfalls, inland sand dunes, Andean mountain and cities full of life. Here is a list of ten amazing attractions in Venezuela that can steal your heart.

Ten best places to visit in Southern Spain

Southern Spain, a country mostly covered by Andalusia region is famous for its historical diversity, vibrant folklore, and lively cities having a relaxed lifestyle. Here is an overview of the ten best places to visit in Southern Spain.