Places for Shopping in Toronto

Shopping in Toronto

Toronto is one of the best places to visit and is considered to be a shopper’s paradise. Visitors can opt for a car rental in Toronto airport and tour while they are in Toronto. There are many areas that are considered to be the best for shopping.  You can spend endless of hours checking out the different brands and collections that this place has to offer.

You even have the chance to shop based on your budget, choice and even preference. From local brands to globally loved brands, and even eco-friendly furniture you have it all in this beautiful city. Let us check out a few of many areas that are well known in thee city.

Places to visit in Toronto

The Toronto Eaton center


Home to 250 + stores, this is Canada’s third largest mall that is located in downtown Toronto. It is also one of the biggest attractions that tourists visit. People who are spend thrift or even budget conscious will defiantly find something here. After a fun filled shopping day, you can spend a little time at the food court and enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Hudson’s Bay Company

Known to be one of the oldest and prominent stores of the Toronto, your driver can drive you to the various locations with the car rental in Toronto airport service. Across Canada, this store has various outlets and each of them live up to the mark and quality standards that the company has set. From household items to clothing and even dining, you can find it all here under one roof.



Art galleries, boutiques and various restraints mark their presence in this Victorian styled architectural beauty. It is one of the favorite places, which even the locals love to shop at. If you take a car rental in Toronto airport, the travel distance is close to 26.8 kms. It is approximately an hour away from the airport depending on the traffic.

Different locations of Winners

If you have heard about TJ Maxx, then you can defiantly relate to this store. It has its presence marked all across the city. You can find the best clothing and attire with a wide range of sizes. The large sized stores are defiantly worth the visit.

China town


Household items, jewelry, exotic trinkets and even clothing; the list of things you will find here is endless. The food here will tickle your taste buds as you can dine on different cuisines inspired from Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. This is a must see place that no shopper should avoid while visiting Toronto.


As much as Toronto is blessed with beautiful places to visit and attractive tourist spots; the shopping scenario here is even better. From street shops to Hi-Profile brands, people visiting this city will never be disappointed.  In fact, Toronto is one of the safest cities for female tourists as well.

The mix pot of cultures and traditions opens the doors for people to find a variety of things that they can shop for. By opting for the car rental in Toronto airport, you can make your way through the city easily and shop as much as you want.

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