Enjoy your vacations this year on these ocean-front destinations

Beauty has the power to attract every existing entity. And who can even imagine of a view more beautiful than a sunset or a sunrise. Mother Nature has blessed some locations with an open heart, and with beauty, that makes them prime destinations.

Perth, Australia

Perth Skyline Reflected in the Swan River

The city embraces the Indian Ocean, and offers a view of bottlenose dolphins and the name of the biggest city of Australia. Perth is one of the busiest cities, but some people visit here just to feed their eyes. The Marmion Marine Park can give a complete view of the city kissing the ocean, including the world famous sea lions enhancing its beauty even more.

Vladivostok, Russia

Guyed bridge in the Vladivostok over the Golden Horn bay

A very creative and alive city with a number of attractions from museums to good foods to the carnivals in Russia happens to be called Vladivostok. The ferries make it more interesting with a dynamic ocean front. The city has its own charm with a simplicity which makes it worth visiting.

Marseille, France

Salut Marseille!

A city with a complex history but a very unusual opposite set of things, like an old harbor with a road by the sea, makes it a very simple and hideously adventurous city. There must be something in store for those too who like the game to discover things.

Durban, South Africa

Umhlanga Pier sunrise

The Durban sea port is the busiest port in the whole continent as it joins Indian and African export-import relations. The influence of the cultures can be seen clearly.

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Known for the world’s first Koala preserve, this busy city enjoys the lazy beaches to the thrilling ocean. People take a moment to adore the start of a new day with the rising sun glittering the sea with its first rays of light. Romantic dinners having charming view can be the best end to a day.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

The calm place is a city in northeastern Italy situated on a group of 117 small separated islands. The city is connected by canals, and linked by beautiful bridges. These canals, bridges and the boats in the canals make this city so mesmerizing at the sunset. No one can resist the magic. People come here from distant parts just to enjoy this particular time when the sun is melting down in the canal water. Venice is the first choice for young couples to spend their time with their partners. It is also named as the Romance Capital.

Time changes everything with it. Better hurry before you lose the chance to witness these beauties and adventures they offer.

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