Cities that are a treat for lovers of literature

You cannot term a place to be a literary destination just because some writer belongs to that place, or the place has so many libraries. What makes a place truly a literary city are the efforts put in to keep the tradition alive by inspiring old and new generations to be a part of the literary world by numerous programs. Here are some of the best literary cities across the globe one must visit for inspiration.



Ireland if you will notice has been a fertile country, as it has given such great literary beacons to the entire world. You visit Dublin Writer’s Museum and then only you realize Ireland’s greatness in the literary world. You can visit colleges and other places to feel closer to such big literary personalities such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw, and many others and get more inspired.

Buenos Aires

Skyline, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you want a place wherein you can literally dip in a pool of books, give this Argentinian capital a chance. You would not believe your eyes when you see every other coffee shop, every other shop in the market is a bookshop. Hardly any book will be there that you will not be able to find there. You will be floored by the elegance and magic of El Ateneo, the most beautiful bookstore in the entire world.



If you visit England and by chance you happen to be a diehard fan of Jane Austen, you must visit Bath (a town in Southwest England).Visiting there you will get a chance to admire such a popular writer of English language even more. Do not forget to be a part of the weeklong festival in Bath that celebrates and honors Jane Austen’s literary contributions.


Paris, the city of lights

Paris, the city of lights has been a great source of inspiration for many writers since ages and continues to be the same, as budding writers consider it a pilgrimage. They believe the city has never-ending sources of inspiration, leaving a person refreshed.You can sit and pass your time having coffee and reading your favorite author’s creation bought from so many bookshops. Paris values its literary tradition and does everything to secure it.

For a person with a penchant for reading, there can be nothing better than setting out on a literary themed vacation. Some places worldwide are haven for avid readers, as they can get a lot of inspiration there, and can devote themselves to reading.

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