Top 6 hippie travel destination of the world

hippie travel destination of the world

It has been rightly said, “See the world and it’s more beautiful than any dream”. One lifetime is not enough to travel the whole world. Talking about some of the hippie travel destinations, we have shortlisted some of the interesting hippie destinations which the people can keep in mind if you are planning for your next vacation.

1.     The ultimate hippie place – Goa, India


Goa is undoubtedly the dream destination of every youngster and also off the beaten track for many wanderers. The unlimited beauty of the beaches and the churches give a bohemian touch. Legendary rage and colorful carnivals are the highlights of Goa. The relaxed local culture, delicious local cuisine, the local market for shopping and endless white sand beautiful beaches are the most loved areas of Goa. Goa is popular among the hippie because the place is rich in its nightlife. It has an amazing nightlife which makes it a hippie havens around the world. Apart from the nightlife, Goa offers much of the old laidback evidence for the independent-minded traveler and beauty of the sea makes it the ultimate hippie destination.

2.     Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver, Canada is loved for its hippie hub since the sixties. It is known and loved for the land and revolution.  The hippie culture is more like a religion where people popularly known as Hippie travelers from distant land come to Canada. They started out this culture called hippie culture where hippies spread the spiritual idealism in the city for which Canada is still grateful. Vancouver is one of the hippie havens around the world. Apart from all this, Vancouver has a vibrant nightlife culture, whether its food, bars, dining or amazing nightclubs. You are trying to find the hippie travel destination for your next old day, Vancouver is the best and ultimate one.

3.     Hippie Paradise- Ibiza, Spain:


Ibiza, Spain the ultimate and one of the top 10 hippie destinations in the world. It is not only famous in the youngster and college students but is known to be the paradise for hippies. Again, back in 60’s, Ibiza was the first and the main post for all the European hippies. As you visit the local market, shopping areas, you can easily get a flavor of the hippie culture from it. So many hippie travelers visit throughout the year. Many people think that Ibiza is only for the party animals and nightclubs, but it’s not so, the natural trails and whimsical architecture makes it a much popular hippie travel destination.

4.     The Gulf of Aqaba beauty – Dahab, Egypt


Dahab, Egypt offers much reason for hippie travelers to explore this place. A dive in the clear water of the Gulf of Aqaba, or sleeping under the stars in the clear sky under the tent with your friend makes Dahab a perfect place to sit back and relax and have the best time of your life. Nelson is one of the attractions which are a bohemian town which is famous to keep your spirit alive and kicking. It is surrounded by the beautiful snow-clad mountain which gives a mesmerizing view. The place offers ample coffee houses and famous for its heritage structure as well. It is ideal hippie destination for the travelers who want peace, love, and enjoyment in one place.

5.     Chefchaouen, Morocco

Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco is the best place to travel if you want to want a break from your day to day hectic schedule. This place is a total stress buster for you with a magic and peace in the air. Chefchaoen, Morocco is the one place famous for its hippie lifestyle. The city is filled with a peaceful spirit and peaceful environment all over. Just roam around the city local market and you will find Hippie stuff, local music and marijuana essence, which can make you overjoyed and nostalgic. If you are thinking of some joyful hippie ride, Morocco is the ultimate city to start off your journey. With time it has become the hub for hippie travelers. One of the advantages of this city is it is cheap and more than worth when you come and spend your vacation here.

6.     Bangkok, Thailand


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the hippie hotspot. Plenty of places in Thailand are home to the hippie people.  If you want to travel alone or want a distance between gathering, Bangkok is the one destination for you. Bangkok is rich and hotspot of its colors and shapes. The island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand is the highlight of the place. The nightlife and the parties have become the most happening attraction of the people. It’s a heaven for the nightlife and party animals with world-class cuisines, premiere cocktails with a nice ambiance.

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