Best camping trip destinations for father and son

Fort Peck Montana

Father and son spending time together in camping is the best opportunity to establish or re- establishes a strong bond between them. Camping trip destinations for father and son and the daily activities of campsite such as campfires, hiking and fishing provide an ideal ground for healthy conversations. 

Going to the first camping trip of your life is the best event in the life of a young man. Usually, it is the father who takes the initiative and gets to the tour along with his son for sharing an adventure in the wild. And this is the perfect opportunity of a father to make strong bonding with his son and also there is a chance of passing his survival experience to his son like building a tent, outdoor cooking, starting a fire or using a knife or compass.

Best camping trip destinations for father and son:

From camping to mountain biking to fishing, a variety of father- son trip destinations are there in the world. Some of the camping destinations for a father and son vacation are stated below:

  1. Yosemite National Park:
    Yosemite National park is the best destination for camping across the world. Hike up over the mist trails to have a look of the famous park sites like the Half Dome and the Vernal fall. You may reach the Half Dome if you are going there in between late May and October. One may also reach down with Half Dome Cables if he is not scared of height.Another destination at the top within Yosemite is the Glacier Point which marks the highest point in this park and offers some of the best views of the place. You may take a tour bus or car to the Glacier Point if you are not interested in hiking up all the way out.
  2. Flathead Lake, Montana: If you are planning for a father- son fishing trip, Montana’s Flathead Lake is the best option. This 28 miles long Lake is the largest natural fresh water lake located to the west of Mississippi. Take a boat on rent and go for fishing trout’s and yellow perches. Other than fishing, Flathead Lake also offers a great opportunity for Kayaking, Sailing and swimming. Hike to explore the nearby islands in the lake which offers home to more than 100s of different bird species.
  3. Lake Lanier Area Campgrouds, Georgia:
    For a camping trip at weekends, one must go to the Lake Lanier area Campgrounds at Georgia. All the 19 campgrounds are open for visit throughout the year. There are a various outdoor activities that could be done there like hiking, horseback riding, fishing and mountain biking.
  4. Lake Greenwood, South Carolina: Camping ideas for father and son includes Lake Greenwood which is located in Greenwood, South Carolina. It has a shoreline of 212 miles. There are a lot of hiking trails and picnic tables. One can go for boating, fishing and swimming in the lake. One can spend more time here in the Lake Greenwood State Park.
  5. Brazos Bend State Park, Texas:
    Brazos Bend State Park is among the best camping destinations for a father and son vacation. The park is spread over an area of 5000 acres and is a home to alligators as well. There are many screen shelters and campsites also. There are 7 lakes for shipping in the Brazos Bend State Park. Also there is a multitude of hiking, running and biking.
  6. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: One may reach Rocky Mountain National Park within two hours from Denver and is a popular national park of the country. No one could get bored in this park as it is spread over an area of 265,873 acres with 150 lakes and 450 miles of stream. It is among the best camping ideas for father and son.
  7. Fort Peck, Montana:
    Fort Peck Montana
    Among the best destinations for camping, nothing can be better than the Fort Peck in Montana. For fishing, there is a lake 134 miles long and contains a huge variety of fish like walleye, Chinook salmon and paddlefish. The water is surrounded by CMR national wildlife refuge and is a great camping place for hunting and bird watch. One can camp at Fort Peck.

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