The Sky Is Yours: The Allure of Private Airplane Rentals

Think back to the last time you took a flight somewhere. Don’t just think about the flight, think about the entire experience—the line for security, the waiting in the terminal, the small seats, the lack of snacks, etc. Did you enjoy it?

Chances are the experience was probably okay at best. You survived, but it was probably something you didn’t actually enjoy. That’s because flying commercial has changed dramatically over the years, and it seems as if you’re paying more to get less.

But that can all change if you opt to charter your own private airplane instead of taking a commercial flight. There are many allures of private airplane rentals. Check out what makes them so great.



Booking a flight can be a nuisance. You may have dates in mind for your vacation, but you’re basically at the beck and call of commercial airlines as to when you can actually travel. For example, if you need to be somewhere early in the morning, you may be forced to fly out the night before. If you miss a flight, then you may be stuck somewhere for hours or days until another flight is available to get you to your destination. This isn’t fun. With private airplane rentals, your travels are on your schedule. You can decide what day and what time you want to leave. So if you want to fly out at 3AM or 3PM, that’s fine. And if you’re late, the plane will wait for you, and you can still arrive at your destination when you want to. 


Commercial airlines are only allowed to travel to a certain number of airports throughout the world. This means that you are forced to arrive at the closest airport they can use, and not necessarily the closest one to your actual destination. With a private jet, you can fly anywhere in the world, no matter where the airport may be located. This means that when you travel, you can actually arrive at your destination of choice, and not an hour or two away. This means that you can actually enjoy your vacation in the area you want to be in and not spend a significant amount of time in the car too. 


Most of the time the worst part about flying is dealing with the other passengers. When you fly on a private jet, you don’t have to worry about the public. Instead, all you need to worry about is yourself and the other guests that you choose to fly with. You and your family can opt to fly alone, which means you don’t have to try and keep your kids quiet on the plane in fear of upsetting other passengers. Or, you can your guests can fly without having to deal with other people’s kids. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.


Most commercial planes today are standard 747s. While they’re nice, they’re all pretty much the same. When you fly private, you have access to a larger fleet of planes, which means you can choose something smaller for quick flight or opt for something bigger and more luxurious for that long business flight.Jets.com is a charter company that offers a large fleet and gives their customers the option to choose whatever aircraft they want, which truly allows you to customize the experience. 


Waiting in line for security is frustrating, but there isn’t a security checkpoint when you fly private. Instead, you get to bypass all the security lines and the crowded terminals and head straight to your plane for takeoff. This means you don’t have to waste your entire day at the airport.

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