Environmentally friendly and classy islands of Europe

You might know that European cities are world famous for their classic architecture and extraordinary history but what you must not know is about some eco-friendly European islands that have astonishing views and experiences to offer you. Here is a rundown on some eco-friendly European islands that you must visit at least once:

The Canary Islands (Spain)

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The islands that offer distinctive pleasures situated on the outermost region of the European Union are Canary Islands. These 13 islands offer unearthly pleasures ranging from the exotic views of the red mountains, a biosphere reserve of Fuerteventura, and the most loveable feature that attracts so many visitors every year is the year-round warm climate and amazing biodiversity. You can see rich varieties of flora and fauna on the Canary Islands because of the protection this island gets from the Canary Islands Network for Protected Natural Area.

Fehmarn (Germany)

Fehmarn (Germany)

On the eastern coast of Germany lies the Fehmarn Island. The island connects to the mainland by means of a bridge, but the island itself is a completely different world. If you are an avid birdwatcher, then this island has a lot to offer you because you can see plenty of migratory birds resting on this unearthly island. People enjoy doing kite surfing and windsurfing on the island coast.

Shetland (Scotland)

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There was a time when the Shetland Island in Scotland has more of a Scandinavian influence but today you can see a mixed influence of the Norse and Scottish traditions. This island is particularly famous for some things, as in its agriculture, for the Shetland pony and Shetland sheepdog, its designation of being a National Scenic Area, and for consisting three National Nature Reserves.

The Azores (Portugal)

The Azores (Portugal)

The Azores is an archipelago consisting nine volcanic islands. If you consider their height right from their base deep within the ocean, they rank among the tallest mountains on our planet. The Azores are famous for dairy farming, agriculture, fishing, and ranching, scenic beauty.

Cres (Croatia)

Cres (Croatia)

This island is popular for many things and features including its pristine waters in which you can see bottlenose dolphins playing, a freshwater lake Vrana that is believed to have a castle buried beneath it, last colonies of the Eurasian griffon vultures, lush green forests and interesting hiking trails.

Besides classic architecture and many other interesting and happening things Europe offers you as a tourist destination, it has some eco-friendly islands that are adept at providing visitors some breathtaking views and moments of solace and solitude.

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