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5 Weird Yet Interesting Facts About New Zealand

by Drprem Jagyasi
Facts About New Zealand

There is a quirky side to every country and the same is applicable to New Zealand. The funny side of this country does not only reflect in the nature of the citizens; but even in other areas as well. From the national wizard to the mythical film sets and even places with funny names; there is so much to know about New Zealand than what meets the eye. Here are a few weird facts that make New Zealand different from the rest of the countries.

Bigger is better!

Facts About New Zealand

When you are walking around any of the towns in New Zealand, the one prominent thing that you will find are big sculptures. These are not just sculptures that decorate the roads of the towns but also have a significant meaning to them. In fact, you can get a good idea about the specialty of each town depending on the type of sculptures you see. If you are in Springfield, you will find a large sized donut. Similarly, in Te Puke, the gigantic Kiwi fruit sculpture is the main attractions

Railway lines pass through airplane landing strips

Amongst the various bizarre activities in New Zealand, the one thing that you cannot miss is the stream train tours. You are not wrong to wonder why they are so special. Not only will the tourist spots astound you; but also in fact, the train ride is the main attraction. This is so because there are some railway lines that pass in the midst of an airport. One such ride is the train from Gusborne to Palmerstone.

It’s the home to the longest place name

Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the places that have earned its way to the Guinness book of records, all thanks to the longest name for a place. Apart from the name being a tongue twister, it does sound pretty ridiculous. Well, if you really want to know, try pronouncing Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. Surprisingly, this is actually one of the major tourist attractions and is home to the most beautiful hills and scenic beauty.

You can watch rockets launch

In many countries, you do have the benefit of getting to see the beautiful site of a rocket launch. However, you have to be lucky to get this chance. As per the recent changes made in New Zealand, the Hawke’s Bay’s Mahia Peninsula allows you to watch the rocket launch with your own eyes. For cosmos lovers, this place is a treat that they should not miss.

It has its very own wizard

When you hear the word wizard, the natural thing that you would remember is the iconic scenes from the famous Harry Potter. Men and women flying on a broom with their magic wands and long hats; animals or people turning into funny looking creatures; the list can go on. Well, coming out of the world of illusion and back to reality, in 1990, Ian Brackenbury Channell was appointed by The New Zealand’s Prime Mister as the official wizard of the country.

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