10 Things to Keep In Mind When You Plan a Vacation in Argentina


The stunning metropolitan city of Argentina is a great place to plan your next escapade. The city is brimming with rich culture – a divine mixture of American and European culture with its music, art, street-side tango, and savory local food. The bustling city life is accompanied by serene wilderness in Argentina; you will find busy sidewalks while the vast mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls will astound you. Moreover, the city also harbors a diversity of animals from flamingoes to anteaters.

But before you gallivant away to Argentina, here are ten things that you should keep in mind.

  1. You will not be able to buy anything or take a ride on the bus if you don’t carry change. Keep coins and avoid carrying notes of 100 pesos.
  2. Don’t take signs lightly and adhere to them strictly in public spaces. You don’t want to break the rules and get in trouble in a foreign land.
  3. Instead of walking, taking a cab is a safer option at night, especially for women travelers.
  4. Being a populated city, the traffic can become a nuisance in Argentina. The cars will not stop for pedestrians and sometimes, the drivers take rule for granted. Look at both the directions before crossing a street and be alert.
  5. Carry a copy of passport if you are taking a bus. You might be asked to show your passport before buying a bus ticket.passport
  6. Restaurant scenes are relaxed in Argentina. You will have to call the waiter if you want your bill or else they will not come to you even hours after you have ordered the food.
  7. Pickpockets and scams are quite common in the city. You should try to blend in with the crowd as much as you can. Speak English slowly and look confident even if you are lost. Ask someone you can trust for directions around the place.
  8. Every place has its own notions about tipping. In Argentina, leaving at least a 10% tip is appreciated.
  9. Public transport can be expensive and people prefer to walk rather than taking a bus. Bring your walking shoes and walk as much as you can.Wear good shoes
  10. Maté is a famous drink that you must try when you visit Argentina. It resembles tea but has caffeine in it. Once you gulp down the drink, it is refilled and passed on to the person sitting next to you. This activity also makes for an interesting conversation starter!

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