8 Celebs Who Love Travelling In The NYC Subway


Top-paid Hollywood celebs like Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper love taking a subway ride for traveling around the New York City. Check out our list of 8 celebs that like to traverse NYC in a subway.

These 8 Celebs Like Travelling Via Subway

  1. Anne Hathaway

    Being one of the highest-paid actresses of Hollywood doesn’t stop Anne from adopting the common means of transport. The beautiful artist is spotted several times waiting for her ride at NYC subs. She is even joined by husband Adam Shulman on several occasions.
  2. Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper is one of the most handsomely paid Hollywood actors. Still, he enjoys taking a subway ride to go out in New York. The 42-year Hollywood hunk likes to blend in with the common folk while traveling Cooper can be seen boarding and leaving a subway train while working in Broadway productions.
  3. Eddie Redmayne

    Image Source : images.indianexpress.comOscar recipient Eddie Redmayne finds fascination in traveling via subway. He likes to become one with the crowd by boarding a subway train to reach his destination. The actor finds it a great mode of transportation and even tags his wife along with him for subway rides.
  4. Elizabeth Olsen

    Lizzie can be seen at NYC subway stations, waiting patiently for her subway train to arrive. Whether it’s after a busy shopping day or going out to meet with friends, Olsen likes to traverse around New York with the rest of the NYC folks.
  5. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    Image Source : amahighlights.comFive-time nominee of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor, Jesse Tyler likes to travel amidst his fans in the subway. The actor can be seen hanging around NYC sub stations with Justin Mikita.
  6. Katie Holmes

    Pretty Hollywood actress Katie Holmes can be spotted often traveling via the subway. At some instances, she even brings down her daughter Suri Cruise along to give her company on a subway journey.
  7. Matthew Broderick

    Popular actor Matthew Broderick loves to traverse NYC via the subway. The actor finds fascination in taking an underground train to go to reach an NYC place rather than tipping a ride on his pricey car.
  8. Sarah Hyland

    Image Source : s.yimg.comAnother celeb that finds fun in traveling NYC in a subway is the young actress Sarah Hyland. The beautiful actress likes to commute to her shooting location with a bunch of ordinary folk going leaving out for their everyday chores.


Subways are fun to travel. These celebs definitely know how to get the most out of an enjoyable public ride.

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