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Travel Photo Tips to help you Wow Your Friends

by Drprem Jagyasi

Travel photos are a popular medium of showcasing everything that you witnessed or experienced in your vacation. They help to relive those beautiful memories that you had. You get to visualise each and every moment that you spent in your trip and cherished. They also help to provide others with an insight into the kind of places that have been visited and the many wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.

Some travel photos come out looking as treats for your eyes while others, maybe not so much. That is why we have got some of the best travel photo tips to ensure that each and every picture comes out encompassing all the glory and goodness of the scene. Doesn’t matter if you are an amateur in photography or have no prior experience in travel photography. These great tips on how to take the best travel photos will ensure each photo you click is beautiful and unique.

Research, research and more research

Only when you know about the best spots and places to click the best scenery and pictures, will you be able to lay the foundation of a good travel photographer. Research well and extensively in advance about the places you shall be visiting, the best times to visit them, the hotels which offer you the best views, etc. Research is very important when taking travel photos as it allows you to have an insight into the places you visit and know more about the subjects you wish to capture.

Travel PhotoA known landmark shot in a fun way – Image from Canvas Factory

Set up your equipment and camera settings beforehand

Beautiful sun rising scenes last only for a few minutes so be sure you do not waste valuable time in setting up your equipment and getting the correct modes on. Get them done beforehand so that you can spend your precious minutes capturing each and every scene. This ensures that stay organised and all your equipment work well.

Image from commons.wikimedia.org

Take a peek at some offbeat locations

A lot of people know what popular tourist destinations and attractions have to offer. Instead of going for the usual, try to explore some different aspects of the place on your own. Strive to create something of your own that is unique and different than the rest of what the place has. Only then will you be able to capture the attention of the people and be able to showcase your creativity further.

Get yourself geared up well


This does not apply to only your camera equipment and lenses. You should dress appropriately for the trip and carry vital items like water, snacks, medicines, etc. You should be carrying extra batteries for your camera as well as spare tripods if you are using one. Also be sure you carry some sunglasses and a hat to prevent your eye from getting hurt when you capture some bright scenes.

Engage well with your subjects and respect local traditions

Although this may have an ethical side to it, photos actually come out better if you engage well with your subjects. Ask for permissions first before shooting any person and be sure you do not use your camera where photography is prohibited. Be responsible in your pictures and know that everyone does not like to be photographed.

And always make sure to follow local custom with regards to dress. Nothing ruins a photo holiday faster than getting a lot of negative attention from the locals.

Travel Photo

Image courtesy of http://www.smartraveller.gov.au

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