Summer Traveling Makeup Tips to Look Best When Out in The Sun

Summer Traveling Makeup

Being out in the sun can do more harm to your skin than you’d imagine it to. Apart from UV rays and pollution, there are plenty of other factors too that come into play if you are out in the sun for too long with makeup on, especially during summers. It leaves your skin with a dull glow which is worsened by the makeup. Which is why, one needs to have a list of summer traveling makeup tips handy in order to ensure that their skin is taken care of, for both men and women alike.

Summer Traveling Makeup Tips for Both Men and Women:

Handy blotting papers:


Summers make you sweat like no other season. The best idea is to keep blotting papers handy to wipe away any excess sweat or oil accumulation on your face and neck. It also helps keep sweat stains off your travel outfits. Having such wipes is all the more important if you have oily skin.

Use spray mist:

Spraying or face with mist has two obvious advantages: It gives an immediate look of freshness to your face and leaves you feeling better and more refreshed than before. On hot summer days and while traveling long hours, keep a bottle of such a spray handy. This is one of the best travel makeup tips you can implement. Just before entering your classroom or office, you can blot away your sweat and spray your face with the mist for an immediate glowing and presentable look.

Invest in comfortable wear:

Invest in comfortable wear

It is true that you may have to look a certain way especially when working. You may be expected to put on formals or any such clothing that is bound to leave you feeling uncomfortable and sweaty. In such a case, go for travel outfits that are trendy and stylish, while being comfortable and airy at the same time. Invest in light colors and subtle patterns to give you the summery look while not getting in the way of your dress code too.

Moisturize your skin:

Too much oil and sweat accumulation tend to dry out your skin in the long run. Address this by applying a generous layer of moisturizer on your skin which remains exposed, like the face, neck, and hands, after your bath. Follow it up with sunscreen right before you step out your door. Remember to drink plenty of water all through the day lest you wish to dehydrate yourself.

Use staying powder:

Summer Traveling Makeup

Take your beauty checklist and skin care routine a notch higher by using staying powder on your forehead, cheeks, and around the nose. This will help absorb all moisture and accumulation that may set on your face during the day. Remember to keep touching it up 2-3 times daily or as per required.

Summer Traveling Makeup Tips Only for Women:

Go sheer:

Summer Traveling Makeup

As mentioned before, opt for only soft subtle colors that give your face a dewy and a rich natural glow instead of going all out with sparkly and loud colors. A sheer look is bound to give you a more professional appearance than a face full of loud makeup. The former is also more comfortable and healthier for your skin than the latter.

Ditch the sparkle:

Too much sparkly makeup is not recommended for the summery look, especially during the daytime. Make it a point on your beauty checklist to ditch the sparkle for a much more subtle look. This will ensure that your makeup stays put for longer instead of running down your face in the middle of the day.

Use waterproof makeup products:

waterproof makeup products

Using waterproof makeup products like Kohl and primer takes care of your face look even when you are out in the sun. However, regular use of these products may cause certain damage to your skin over a period of time. Hence, limit its use to only a few times each month or only when special professional occasions call for it.


All of the above-mentioned summer traveling makeup tips are designed keeping in mind the daily comfort of people who need to be out in the sun for long. These are practical tips for men and women who travel long hours on a daily basis especially in cities where heat and pollution are on the rise and can get in the way of your makeup. Make sure you implement these tactics to shield your skin from the sun and keep your makeup intact as long as summer lasts.

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