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Spend your next holiday in the Valley Isle

One of the most serene and beautiful of Hawaiian Islands, Maui is often referred to as the Valley Isle. Its scenic beauty attracts thousands of travelers to visit and then revisit it several times in a lifetime. If you are planning a holiday and want a beach vacation then there is no place more idyllic and romantic than Maui for you and your partner. People also visit this island for family trips as there are lots of activities and adventures to indulge in. Stunning beachfront Maui vacational rental homes  offer all the luxuries and comfort you hope for in a holiday. There are several reasons why you should  choose Maui as your next vacation destination.

The sunny beaches and other attractions

The diverse beauty of Maui beaches can make your holiday trip worthwhile. There are several fine sand beaches in the western coast of Maui and if you travel the southern coast there, you will find different beaches spread from North Kihei to Wailea. When you are in Maui you must visit the Big Beach and the Small Beach. The black sand beach Honokalani, located in Waianapanapa State Park, is also an interesting tourist spot and it is considered to be holy by the aboriginals of Hawaii.

Apart from the beaches there are lava caves, blow holes, arches and the largest temple or heiau located in the 122 acres of the State Park. While here, also visit the Papalaua beach and coral gardens of Maui and Olowalu Turtle Reef. If you are fond of waterfalls, Maui has them as well. Enjoy the astonishing beauty of waterfalls like Wailua Falls, Oheo Gulch Kipahulu, Blue Angels Falls and Pool, Makapipi Falls, Paihi Falls, Lower Waikamoi Falls and Alelele Falls.

Things to do in Maui

There are so many things to do in Maui that you need at least a week to completely explore it. Start with a day of exploration by taking part in  excursions. You can also travel along the famous road to Hana. The do’s and don’t in Maui have been explained well in various websites. The treasure of Maui is under its sea, so you must indulge in snorkeling adventure in Molokini. Kayak riding, Redline rafting and Whale watching at the Pride of Maui are also activities that you can enjoy with your entire family. Book your resort in advance for getting rooms with best views and facilities.

The best time to visit Maui is between April and October, but it offers natural beauty in abundance all year round. Do your own research and plan your trip well to explore Maui as best as you can.

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