How to Have a Luxurious Holiday in Buckhead, Atlanta


Buckhead in Atlanta may not be on the top of your list of the most luxurious places in America, but it holds a lot of promise. If you are visiting anytime soon and you would like to experience the elegance that it has to offer, keep on reading and we’ll share some of the things that you need to try.

Dine in Private

Dine in Private

The list of the fine dining restaurants in Atlanta will be endless. However, we suggest that you do not go to just any place to eat. Instead, you should book a private dining in Buckhead. Whether you are dining out with your significant other or with a large group of friends, there are many places where you can enjoy good food in private. You can enjoy butler service and other perks, such as the opportunity to meet the chef, depending on the place where you will dine.

If you are looking for a steakhouse that offers private dinners, American Cut Steakhouse is worth considering. This multi-level dining destination has two private dining rooms. While they have an extensive menu, some of the best dishes that you might want to try are their tomahawk chop and chili lobster.

Ride a Limo

From the time you arrive at the airport until you depart, hiring a limo service is another excellent way to experience luxury during your visit to Buckhead. You are sure to turn heads with your ride. You will feel like a business tycoon or a Hollywood celebrity every time you get on and off your ride. Use the limo to explore the neighborhood and to hop from one bar to another. Take it on your way to fancy dinner or to pick-up your date. With a limo, you will have a comfortable ride on the road.

Stay in a Five-Star Hotel

Stay in a Five-Star Hotel

No luxurious holiday will be complete without staying in a five-star accommodation. In Buckhead, you will have a limited selection of five-star hotels compared to other places in Georgia. Book fast to secure a room in some of their most coveted accommodations. Among others, one of the most popular is The Whitley, which operates as a part of the Starwood Hotels. Aside from well-appointed rooms, it has an elegant spa that can offer the ultimate relaxation experience after a day of shopping and exploring.

Shop ‘til you Drop

To have a luxurious vacation, one of the things that you need to do is to shop like there is no tomorrow. From global designer brands to local thriving artists, there are plenty of shopping experiences in Buckhead. The Shops Buckhead Atlanta is perhaps one of the places that you should not miss. There are more than 60 stores and restaurants that can offer an indulgent experience to all shopaholics. The space covers six city blocks, so expect that it is going to be massive!

If you ever find yourself in Buckhead, Atlanta, step out of the ordinary. Experience how to vacation like a royalty by trying the things that have been briefly mentioned above.

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